Batman learns the origin story of the Lazarus Pits in Batman vs. Robin #2, and their demonic beginnings are far from what he could have ever imagined.

The knowledge of the pits is imparted to Batman and Alfred as they meander through the House of Secrets, encountering Cain, Abel, Cynthia the witch and a wide array of visions. One of these visions is of Mother Soul, the mother of Ra’s al Ghul, and shows her explaining that the resin flowing through the world’s Lazarus Pits was refined from “a Chinese elixir of resurrection and immortality millennia ago, from the blood and tears of a grieving father…an elixir bestowed upon his son so that it might run through his veins for eternity.”

Mother Soul’s speech hints that this son is the same person who morphed into the ancient Chinese demon Nezha. Also known as the Devil Nezha, the villain was introduced in the first arc of Batman/Superman: World’s Finest and has been revealed as the ultimate mastermind manipulating Damian Wayne in Batman vs. Robin and waging a war on magic in the DC universe.

Lazarus Pits Future & Past

Nezha’s goals — as well as these new revelations regarding Lazarus Pits — are highly likely to play into next year’s Lazarus Planet mega-event, which kicks off in January 2023. Helmed by Batman vs. Robin and Batman/Superman: World’s Finest writer Mark Waid, Lazarus Planet sees Lazarus resin covering the world after a volcanic eruption. The resin causes everyone it touches to develop strange abilities, and Batman will be forced to use magic, including the helmet of Doctor Fate, to deal with the threat.

Lazarus Pits were first introduced to the DC Universe in 1972’s Batman #243. Created by Dennis O’Neil and Neal Adams, the life-giving chemical pools were established as the means behind Ra’s al Ghul’s immortality. Over the course of Batman history, the pits have served as important plot devices and were even used in bringing the second Robin, Jason Todd, back from the dead — but never before have their origins been so intimately developed.

Batman vs. Robin #2 is written by Waid, penciled by Mahmud Asrar, colored by Jordie Bellaire, lettered by Steve Wands, and features covers by Asrar & Nathan Fairbairn, Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion & Dave McCaig, Francis Manapul, Clayton Henry & Marcelo Maiolo and Rafael Sarmento. The issue is out now from DC Comics.

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