Fans of Secretlab and Naruto rejoice — the iconic gaming chair company revealed it collaborated with beloved anime, and the results are stunning.

Secretlab’s Titan Evo 2022 Naruto Shippuden Collection (available in Softweave® Plus Fabric) launched on Oct. 12 as part of the anime’s 20th-anniversary celebrations. Secretlab’s co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Alaric Choo, expressed his love for the anime, saying, “Naruto has never just been an anime — it’s a timeless classic that has defined the teenage years of many, most of our team included. It’s incredible for us to now be able to put an authentic Naruto spin on our award-winning chairs with symbolic elements from the anime. Fans will be proud to add them to their Naruto collection.” The special collaboration chairs are available in S, R, and XL.

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The collaboration saw the creation of two different designs: one paying homage to the Greatest Ninja, Naruto, and the other to the Akatsuki, a clan created to bring peace to their home country. Both chairs showcase a metal plate featured on the hitai-ate (protective headband) that the ninjas wear, representing the fealty they swore to their village. The metal plate on the back of Secretlab’s chairs features the award-winning brand’s logo, signifying users’ dedication to the brand. Lauren Takaragawa, Vice President Consumer Products at VIZ Media feels the metal plate is a special addition to the chair, saying, “Secretlab has a knack for capturing the most iconic elements of each partner they collaborate with and translating it into a one-of-a-kind feature in their chairs. They’ve once again successfully created something really true to Naruto Shippuden with this collaboration, especially with the signature Shinobi headband incorporated into the chairs — it’s definitely a must-have for all fans.”

Pick a Side: Naruto or the Akatsuki

The Naruto edition chair has the Eight Trigrams Sealing Style, a fūinjutsu of the Uzumaki clan, which sealed the Nine-Tails into the titular character. It also pays homage to his identity as the Nine-Tails Jinchuriki. The magatamas on the chair’s side wings represent Naruto in Nine-Tails mode, where he draws upon Kurama’s chakra to become the strongest human ever. The chair’s colorway immediately associates itself with the iconic character due to the bright orange that contrasts against the speckled black fabric.

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As for the Akatsuki edition chair, an embroidery of the infamous red cloud, which initially represented justice and fairness, but later changed to serve as a symbol of violence and anger to align with the clan’s more recent values, features on the front and back. In addition, the side wings of the chair have a quilted pattern using the same iconic symbol. In a nod to the custom of crossing out the emblem on their hitai-ate, which represents the rescinding of their allegiance, the logo on the metal plate on the back of the Akatsuki chair also has a line going through it.

Founded by Yahiko and his childhood friends as a means to bring peace to their village, the purpose of the Akatsuki changed over time as they descended into villainy. The series’ hero, Naruto, grew up being ostracized by all, only to become a hero against all odds. Secretlab wants to know: which side will you choose?

Secretlab’s TITAN Evo 2022 Naruto and Akatsuki edition chairs are available to purchase now on its official website,

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