Peter Parker summons his courage and asks one of his ex-girlfriends out on a date in The Amazing Spider-Man #11; the recipent of the romantic gesture, however, is Felicia Hary/Black Cat rather than not Mary Jane Watson.

The Amazing Spider-Man #11 comes from writer Zeb Wells, penciler John Romita Jr., inker Scott Hanna, color artist Marcio Menyz and letterer VC’s Joe Caramagna. In the issue, Spider-Man and Black Cat are jumping from rooftop to rooftop one evening when Peter works out of the courage to tell Felicia they need to talk. Felicia automatically assumes he wants to call off their undefined romance, which began again in The Amazing Spider-Man #6 after the two shared a kiss; however, Peter has the opposite idea on his mind. “You’re Felicia Hardy,” he tells her. “You certainly don’t need to be chasing me around. Can I…Can I take you to dinner?”

The response gets an, “I’ll think about it,” promotly followed by a more definitely “probably” out of Felicia. “Regardless, thanks for taking the initiative, Peter,” she tells him before she jumps away. “Confidence looks good on you.” Once she’s out of eyesight, Peter nearly collapses on the ground. “That actually worked?” he questions. “I thought I was gonna throw up. I’m shaking. Whole body is Jell-O. How is this so hard?! I better walk home.”

What Happened to Peter and MJ?

Marvel’s ongoing The Amazing Spider-Man series is set several months after Peter committed some unknown act that caused his closest friends and family to drift away with him. The Amazing Spider-Man #1 revealed Mary Jane is now with another man named Paul, has two children and absolutely zero interest in having any kind of relationship with Peter. When Mary Jane was kidnapped by Moira MacTaggert leading up to the X-Men’s second annual Hellfire Gala, Peter teamed up with Wolverine to rescue her. Despite the fact that they’re no longer together, Peter tells Wolverine in The Amazing Spider-Man #9 that Mary Jane is still the “most important person in his life.”

Wolverine and Peter’s plan to rescue Mary Jane ultimately does prove to be succesful; yet, even when free from Moira’s clutches, Mary Jane still doesn’t want to speak to Peter. Peter tries to figure out how to get through to her, which then gets a quick and angry reaction out of Mary Jane. “Dammit Peter, this isn’t about you!” she shouts. “It’s about responsibility.”

The Amazing Spider-Man #11 features cover art by Romita Jr., Hanna and Menyz and variant cover art by Patrick Gleason, Alejandro Sánchez, Carlos Gómez and Morry Hollowell. The issue is on sale now from Marvel.

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