1. Purpose of collecting personal information

KingBear T-shirt collects and processes information left by customers on the Website, or connects via email, phone number and hotline of the company in order to quickly and accurately capture customer requirements. row.

Through that, our staff will contact customers directly to assist in solving problems that customers are facing in the shortest time.

2. Scope of information use

Customer information is collected in the following forms:

Information left by customers when contacting directly for consultation on our website
Customer information when calling by phone and support hotline
Customer information provided via email
To purchase our products, customers must leave the necessary contact information for support as soon as possible. However, due to technical nature, no information can be transmitted by internet connection with 100% security level. Therefore, we will not make any absolute commitments.

We will not be responsible for unauthorized access to customer information if you share that information with others.

3. Information storage time

The information you provide on our Web site will be stored for a long time from the time you contact us.